HR Assistant Job Description Examples

HR assistants provide office support to HR directors and the entire human resources department by helping with tasks like storing staff files, writing letters, and conducting other administrative responsibilities.

They also maintain the confidentiality of employee information by using a relevant HRIS or HR software. As a part of the role, HR administrative assistants cater to employee requests regarding benefits, salaries, payroll preparation, and payroll practices.

Their responsibility is management support, which includes hr functions such as complaint writing, absenteeism, termination, compensation information, and performance reports.

HR administrative assistants submit job vacancies and publish job openings, gather information on new applicants, and inform employees of their employment status. They also work with human resource managers to select applicants who meet the specified job requirements.

Two HR Assistant Description Samples

The HR duties of an administrator vary from company to company. Here, we provide you with two job descriptions applicable for the post of HR assistant, which you can use according to their applicability and your company’s requirement.

HR Assistant Job Description – Sample #1

This is the first of the two samples which you can use according to your company’s needs. You can use the one which suits your company’s agenda better and lead you to find the right HR assistant.

HR Assistant Job Brief

Our company requires an experienced Human Resource Assistant to assist the HR Department in coordinating all activities within their departments.

You will assist HR officers in employee recruitment, training, and fostering a healthy work culture.

Your excellent communication skills are expected to help the Human Resource Managers ensure the success and efficiency of the work environment. The HR administrative duties are important to improve productivity and work morale of our company.

As a Human Resources assistant, you will also work in partnership with the HR department to improve communication and resolve employee issues in the workplace. The HR assistant is also responsible for coordinating and maintaining the staff records.

Your job will involve providing help in implementing services, policies, and programs that promote a safe, positive work environment, and promote the recruitment and development of our workforce. HR assistants are usually assigned to an HR director and assist managers in dealing with Human Resources issues.

HR assistants perform various functions in human resources. You will also assist to recruit, hire and train employees. HR Assistants are also expected in implementing programs for the improvement of employee welfare.

As an HR administrator, you will also help the company in administering tests for new employee onboarding.

You will coordinate with line managers to determine the needs for recruiting new employees and training existing ones. HR administrators prepare reports relating to HR projects, assist the HR department in the hiring process, create job ads, and follow the best Human Resources practices

As part of your job description, an HR assistant will also contribute to improving the overall human resources experience of an organization. We do not expect you to be an expert in employment regulations, but at least have a basic understanding of labor laws.

They are also responsible for arranging for accommodation and organizing outdoor training activities for new employees as may be necessary.

The company manages payrolls and keeps archiving the personnel’s important information to ensure the smooth operations of the HR department. The HR Assistant’s typical tasks additionally include posting job ads and shortlisting qualified candidates from job sites immediately.

Our company is a proponent of diversity and we welcome applicants from various faith systems and orientations. Our company strives to hire candidates with the highest potential, regardless of race, culture, belief, or sexual orientation. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we take pride in having a diversified workforce.

As a result, sending birthday greetings to employees and arranging for their birthdays will be an important task of your job. We want to keep our employee morale high and thereby, want you to be a part of a growing team.

If you have no prior experience, please note you can still apply. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Following are the key responsibilities of an HR assistant at our organization:

  • Provide office support in evaluating, negotiating, and evaluating applicants.
  • Post job ads on Linkedin and relevant platforms to hire appropriate candidates.
  • Update employee records for existing employees such as promotion, termination, and change of address.
  • Keep employee files confidential.
  • Inform existing staff of available positions or opportunities.
  • Help HR managers in finding the prospective temporary staff at contract agencies.
  • Perform payment processing by calculating employee salaries, distributing checks, and keeping payroll records.
  • Prepare workers’ policies and procedures documents.
  • Process documentation and assist the HR department with clerical support.
  • Process staff requests and provide relevant information.
  • Manage the departmental call center and answer questions appropriately.
  • Prepare reports and submissions for internal communication.
  • Provide information about company operations to direct new employees.
  • Help prepare payments by providing relevant data such as absence, bonuses, and leaves.
  • Update the human resources database with new rental information, divisions, holidays, and sick leaves.
  • Prepare staff passports, identity cards, and badges according to their levels.
  • Monitor unemployment claims by reviewing claims, verifying documents, and requesting legal representation reviews.
  • Record human resource actions by completing forms, logs, and records.
  • Review work experience by participating in educational opportunities and reading professional books.

Mandatory Skills and Requirements

If you are applying for an HR assistant, you need to meet these key requirements in order to qualify for an interview at our organization:

  • Strong interpersonal and conflict-management skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Well-versed in staffing information, organizing interviews, and performing other administrative tasks to ensure HR efficiency.
  • Ability to provide timely updates and reports to human resource managers.
  • Basic know-how of the Human Resource department.
  • Capacity for teamwork as well as working individually.
  • Excellent command of MS Office and any relevant HR software.
  • Excellent problem-solving and organizational skills.

Preferred Education and Qualifications

  • Minimum Bachelor’s in HR, management, or a relevant field.
  • Minimum X Years of experience as an HR Assistant.
  • Certification or diploma in fields such as Professional in Human Resources (PHR)

HR Assistant Job Description – Sample #2

This is the second sample of a Human Resource assistant’s Job Description, which can be amended according to your organization’s requirements.

HR Assistant Job Brief

A Human Resource Assistant is an essential staff of the HR department. The input of an HR assistant helps in the smooth functioning of a company’s Human Resource department.

We require the hiring of a Human Resource Assistant for help and support in managerial and directorial tasks at our organization. As a Fortune 500 company, we need someone who is well-versed in personnel management.

The Assistant will help to work as a connection between the HR management and the company’s staff, and aid in the accomplishment of assigned tasks.

Being an HR Assistant, you will be a part of our HR Department which works to implement human resource activities and objectives, to generate an organizational culture focused on employee well-being and improved quality of work.

You will also assist the senior management in ensuring an optimal work environment and an empowered workforce. Your assistance will also help maintain good employee relations.

Additionally, you will need to keep and maintain employee information, including payroll processing, as well as writing termination letters. Experienced Human Resources candidates can write and speak highly, perform well under pressure, and can organize the office efficiently.

We strongly believe in diversity and welcome individuals from all beliefs and orientations. If you have never worked as an HR administrator in the past, we encourage you to apply.


  • Support all questions or requests related to internal and external HR.
  • Thorough knowledge of labor laws.
  • Maintain digital and electronic records of employee data.
  • Assist in the recruitment process by identifying candidates, conducting reference checks, and issuing employment contracts.
  • Assist in employee orientation.
  • Keeping accurate and updated calendars of the HR management team.
  • Overseeing the termination of claims and benefits.
  • Helping with staff’s performance management and payroll processes.
  • Schedule meetings, interviews, and HR events and keep agendas.
  • Organize training sessions and seminars.
  • Solid understanding of HR regulations.
  • Perform orientations and update new employee records.
  • Generate and submit reports on the assigned activities and processes.
  • We process payroll and resolve any payroll errors.
  • Fill out the paperwork to complete and exit the discussion.
  • Stay up to date with the latest HR trends and best practices.

Mandatory Skills and Requirements

The following requirements are most sought after as we look for the best-suited HR assistant:

  • Strong communication and people skills.
  • Ability to handle challenges and over-coming them using conflict management skills
  • Time management and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Strong command of verbal and written English language.
  • Attentive listening and capacity to follow directions.
  • Excellence in both teamwork and individual tasks.
  • Basic knowledge of the Human Resource department and its working.
  • Confident, optimist, and empathetic demeanor.
  • Computer skills and comfort with handling IT equipment.
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving capabilities.

Preferred Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Humanities degree, employee relations, organizational development, or related discipline.
  • Minimum X Years of experience as an HR Assistant.
  • Certification or diploma in fields such as Professional in Human Resources (PHR)


You can use, trim, or modify the HR assistant job descriptions to find the most suitable candidate. They enlist the key features required from a prospective applicant and descriptively entail the main responsibilities of the position.


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