How to Write an HR Manager Cover Letter

HR University’s career guides help you advance towards the potential HR manager profession. Read more for an in-depth overview and tips and tricks to create an outstanding HR manager cover letter, with examples and templates.

What Are HR Manager Cover Letters?

The HR manager cover letter is a concise but important document that highlights your skills and expertise in the HR manager role. In addition, it showcases your experiences that help the hiring manager proceed further with your application.

An HR manager cover letter complements your resume and job application. Don’t copy-paste the entire content of the resume into the cover letter. It should contain your most prominent achievements that can add value to the organization and the HR manager role.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an HR Manager Cover Letter

Follow the below steps to create a winning HR manager cover letter.

Research – Know About the Company

HR managers have exceptional communication, interpersonal, negotiation, conflict resolution, organization, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Ensure to study the company’s core values and mission statement. This will help you align your skillset with the company’s culture.

Customize – Align Your Cover Letter with the Company Requirements

It’s recommended to use a cover letter template but review and customize it every time you apply for a new job. Your cover letter must align with the job requirement. Don’t use the same cover letter for multiple jobs without editing it.

Simplify – Keep it Clear and Concise

Select a simple and clear format. Use white background, black font, and simple words to communicate your message. Stick to highlighting the most relevant skills and achievements that add more value to your experience in the HR manager role. Keep your cover letter to one page.

Showcase – Your Skills and Expertise

Use the cover letter to share your most prominent achievements and skills in the HR management domain. Ensure to add the ones that align with the job requirements and can attract the hiring manager.

If you don’t have experience in HR management, you can share your academic achievements in this section.

Finalize – Proofread, Edit and Review

It is important to double-check your cover letter before submitting it. You can use online grammar, punctuation, and spelling correction tools such as Grammarly (free version) to ensure that your cover letter doesn’t have errors.

What is the Purpose of HR Manager Cover Letters?

The HR manager’s cover letter aims to persuade the employer to proceed with your application to the next stage. Use your cover letter to share the top reasons that make you the most suitable candidate for the HR manager role.

Answer the following questions to create an outstanding HR manager cover letter:

  • What makes you a suitable candidate?
  • What interests you about the HR manager role?
  • Why do you want to work with this company as an HR manager?

Constructing an Outline for HR Manager Cover Letter?

Below is a general outline to follow while creating a cover letter. You can find the HR manager cover letter template at the end of this article.

  1. Add a header – (add your name, address, and contact)
  2. Add date
  3. Add hiring manager details – (add a name, job title, company name, and address)
  4. Greet the hiring manager
  5. 2-3 lines introduction
  6. 4-5 lines of body text (include relevant achievements and expertise)
  7. 2-3 lines conclusion
  8. Signature

What to Include In Your HR Manager Cover Letter?

Choose a Template

White background color, black font color – 12 in size, one-inch (left and right) page margins, single line spacing.

Add a Header

Write your name, contact details, and address. In addition, you can add your social media accounts such as LinkedIn/Twitter or personal websites.

Add Hiring Manager Details

Add the hiring manager’s name, job title, company name, and address.

Greet the Hiring Manager

Address the hiring manager with “Dear Mr/Ms/Sir” or use the name. To get the hiring manager’s name, you can check the job posting, and if you don’t find the name in the job posting, browse through the company website or the LinkedIn page.

Create a Compelling Introduction

Create a concise but inspiring introduction that gauges the hiring manager’s attention. Mention the position you are applying for at the start. Add your skills that match the HR manager position.

Highlight Relevant Skills

Assess the job posting and identify the most relevant skills and experiences you can mention in this section that aligns with the job requirements.

Share HR Management Experience

Share your most prominent achievements as an HR manager. You can share events, case studies, and testimonials in this section. Add metrics, results, and stats to add more credibility to your achievements.

Share Your Interest in the Company

Employers observe every candidate’s enthusiasm for the company and the role. This section should cover your excitement and the reasons to apply for the HR manager’s role in the company.


Keep this section to the point and share your contact details in this section to encourage the hiring manager to contact you.

Sign Off

Include “Best Regards” or “Sincerely Yours.” After this, add your digital signature with your name.

HR Manager Cover Letter Examples

Below are a few HR manager cover letter examples that you can use to create your cover letter.

Example # 1

Dear [Hiring Manager]

Developing HR structures has been an inspiration for me, and I am excited to know about the HR manager job opening at ABC Company. My passion is handling day-to-day HR operations and managing policies and procedures implementation. And I am confident that my experience can serve as an asset to ABC Company’s human resource structure. 

My recent assignment as HR manager entails developing and maintaining effective internal processes, handling employee-related issues, supporting hiring and retention policies, identifying problems, finding solutions, and nourishing employee satisfaction. 

I specialize in overseeing and refining employee compensation and benefits programs. For example, my initiative of transforming the annual bonus (75% of the basic salary) into KPIs / achievement-based incentives has saved XYZ Company 20% of the budget and has increased employee productivity by 32%. 

The compensation and benefits HR module at ABC Company fascinates me. Your last year’s “Family trip to Europe” program for the highest annual sales achievers is popular among the HR industry. As an HR manager with an urge to refine employee compensation and benefits programs, I can bring more value to ABC Company’s HR structure. 

Please find my resume, which details my experiences, academics, and certifications. Please feel free to call me at [contact information]. Thank you for considering my application.

Hoping to hear from you.


Example #2 

Greetings [Hiring Manager],

As an ambitious and enthusiastic HR manager with 5+ years of experience handling day-to-day HR operations and managing policies and procedures implementation, I am passionate about streamlining human resource structures and procedures. 

I have experience developing and maintaining effective internal processes, handling employee-related issues, supporting hiring and retention policies, identifying problems, finding solutions, and nourishing employee satisfaction. 

I have experience leveraging maximum benefits from employee compensation and benefits programs. For example, I introduced a life insurance plan for the employees (Investment mode- 50% management / 50% employee), which has increased the employee retention rate from 52% to 79% over the past 2 years. 

ABC Company’s 87% consistent employee retention rate for the past 5 years is an inspiration for me. I would love to contribute my skills and expertise to ABC company’s HR success. 

Please feel free to contact me at [contact number]. I have enclosed my resume with more details about my experience and eligibility for the role. 

Thank you 



HR Manager Cover Letter Template

[Full Name]

[Contact Number]


[LinkedIn, Website URL]

[Address, Date]

[Hiring Person’s Name]

[Hiring Person’s Job Title]

[Company Name]

[Company Address]


Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

I am delighted to join [company] as a . I have experience in [list of relevant experiences], and I have [list of skills]. I am confident that I can add more value to the HR manager position.

As the [past/current job] at [previous/current company], my roles are [list main roles/ responsibilities]. During my work tenure as a [previous/current job title], I [elaborate major accomplishments as an HR manager].

Your [talk about any of the company’s recent projects] speech/article/initiative/structure is fascinating. And I wish to join the position because [state why you want to join the company]

I look forward to sharing my skills and expertise in [list relevant skills to the position].

I have enclosed my resume containing more details about my experience, qualifications, and certification. 

Please feel free to contact me at [contact information]. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you. 



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